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GEP-GR2306 2750KV motor

8.990 Ft
Cikkszám: GEP-GR2306_2750KV
1. Super light base design and strong power take-off
2. Elegant appearance design, strong airstream, stout structure and anti-impact
3. The whole fuselage is high-precision CNC processing; the aviation aluminum alloy is 7075 aluminum materials, which is high precision and high intensity
4. The maximum pull with 2750kv breaks through 1800g+
KV érték


GEP-GR2306 is the enamored production of our GEPRC. It passes our performance test in all aspects, and it can meet our extreme requirement on the parameter of the appearance of the electrical machine totally. Its elaborate appearance processing makes our eyes light up and we believe that the strong and steady power take-off will meet your expectation.

GEP-GR2306 have 2450kv and 2750kv respectively. 2450kv mainly aims at the optimization of freestyle, and it has the features of low power and high efficiency. 2750kv is designed for the racing mainly, and it can ensure high tensile strength and can have high efficiency with the maximum limitation.

For the design and materials, top materials and delicate processing, firm appearance design and the hollow with elaborate design possesses fine appearance and increase the turn volume of the airstream, and reduce the stabilization of the coil effectively when the electrical machine works. The magnet adopts N52H strong magnet in arc shape, and there is only 0.15mm interval between the stator and the magnet, which meets the demand of super strong torsion, and maximizes the efficiency of the electrical machine. The fuselage adopts 7075 aluminum material and high-precision to process, which ensures high-intensity flight and the breakage rate of crashing is low. The bearing is Japanese NSK bearing, which is not afraid of high-speed impact and it still is smooth.

In the aspect of battery input, it can use 3-5s batteries to supply the power, and we suggest that you use 4s battery, which can play the property that this type of electrical machine should have. The propeller should use 5-6inch, such as Gemfan5152*3 DAL5050*3, GEP5040*3 and so son. Perfectly dynamic balance within 2mg guarantees the electrical machine high-efficient operation and keeps it balance. The super light weight with 32g and maximum thrust with 2750kv breaks through 1800g+. It is worth a try.


  • Item name: GEP-GR2306
  • KV:2450
  • Configuration:12N14P
  • Stator Diamter:23mm
  • Stator Length:6mm
  • Shaft Diameter:4mm(Hollow)
  • Motor (Dimension(Dia.*Len)):Φ 28.49*30mm
  • Idle current(10)@10V(A):2.1
  • of Cells(Lipo):3~5S
  • Max Continuous (Power(W)15S):950
  • Internal Resistance:33mΩ
  • Max Current(15S):45A
  • Effciency Current:(4-8A)>81%
  • Rotor: N52H arc magnets
  • Bearings:NSK
  • Base casing: Al 7075
  • Wire AWG: 20AWG
  • Weight(g):32


motor állórész átmérője 2306
Támogatott cellaszám 3-5 cella (11.1V-18.5V)
Súly 32 g
Propeller felfogatása 5mm tengely
POPO kompatibilisquestion_mark nem
KV 2750
Configuration 12N14P
Stator Diamter 23mm
Stator Length 6mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm(Hollow)
Motor (Dimension(Dia.*Len)) Φ 28.49*30mm
Idle current(10)@10V(A) 2.1
of Cells(Lipo) 3~5S
Max Continuous (Power(W)15S) 950
Internal Resistance 33mΩ
Max Current(15S) 45A
Effciency Current (4-8A)>81%
Rotor N52H arc magnets
Bearings NSK
Base casing Al 7075
Wire AWG 20AWG
Weight(g) 32

Csomag tartalma

1x GEPRC GR2306  Motor
1x GEPRC M5 Aluminum Lock Nut
4x M3x6 Button head screws
4x M3x7 Button head screws
4x M3x8 Button head screws


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