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2.790 Ft
Cikkszám: hglrc_led_mini_25mm
LED szín


After the HGLRC W2812 LED Controller has been the best-selling model aircraft for many years, this time HGLRC brings you a brand new and upgraded HGLRC LED MINI Controller
1. Switch modes with one click Eliminate tedious computer parameter adjustments
2. Reserved pad Matches all LED connections
3. Reserve two parameter adjustment modes Can be directly connected to 2-6S power supply Or connect the flight controller to perform remote control parameter adjustment.
4. Add electronic switch function Remote control switch can be set up
5. The size will be smaller after the upgrade Installation is more convenient

Note: LED mini controller: A single channel can only light up to 48 lamp beads. If you need to connect a long light strip, it is recommended to use a COB light strip.

LED function buttons:
1. Short press to switch colors
2. Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter the flashing mode switch (the LED status indicator is always on)
3. Flashing mode: slow flashing, steady light, cycle, fast flashing
4. Can be switched to blue, red, green, yellow

HGLRC LED Lite (25mm)
Input voltage: 5v
Size: 25mm*7.1mm*5mm
Cable length: 70mm
Weight: 0.65g (single)

Shipping list:
4x HGLRC LED Lite (25mm)
4x SH1.03P double-ended 70mm cable


Méretek (Hosszúság * szélesség * magasság) 25x7,1x5 mm


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